Textile Protective Sleeve Workshop

The textile sleeve workshop is expansive, and with more than 40 machines, the monthly production output reaches 1,200,000m. Processes carried out here include splicing, installation, threading, braiding and more. The entire production processes uses warp and weft knitting methods to produce hollow tape, polyester self-closing wraps, and polyester sleeving. The width of product reaches 5-200mm. This workshop is capable of braiding 2 textile sleeves, 4 textile sleeves, and 6 textile sleeves simultaneously. The following picture shows the production process of the textile braiding machine that can braid 4 textile sleeves together.

Stitching Area
  • The stitching area has 6 sewing machines. The entire process includes braiding expandable sleeving, sewing velcro, and making zippers for braided wrap.
  • The worker is sewing the velcro on a monofilament sleeve.