Monofilament Extruding Workshop

Jdd has 4 monofilament extruding lines, and a monthly output of 100 tons. We are the largest manufacturer of monofilament and braided sleeving in China. Monofilament sleeving produced here has been used by us, and is sold to braiding factories in the industry.

Our monofilament extruding workshop is expansive, and is outfitted with a complete line of equipment that works together to carry out 7 production processes, including extruding, forming, traction, fix form, drying, lubricating and winding. The diameter of the monofilament produced here is anywhere from 0.15-0.8mm.

Monofilament Extruding Line
  • Hopper, feed opening and extruder. The plastic raw materials are extruded into monofilament from here.
  • Control panel is used to control whole monofilament extruding line.

  • The second traction machine is connected with hot water tank and hot air chamber.
  • The first hot air chamber.
  • The third traction machine is connected with the first hot air chamber and the second hot air chamber.
  • Oiling machine and rear oiler.

  • Winding machine
  • Testing products, quality inspector is testing the shape and size of the product.