Jdd 's laboratory is outfitted with an extensive line of machines to carry out the manufacturing of different expandable sleeving and tubing. Each of our products is tested according to different customer requirements across a variety of industries.

  • Our abrasion resistance tester is used to test the abrasion resistance of the products.
  • The electronic tensometer is used for testing the tension and elongation of monofilament.
  • We have 2 electric heating ovens, one is at the constant temperature of 400℃, the other is at 200℃. Both are used for testing aging resistance and high temperature resistance.
  • Our constant temperature and humidity machine is used for testing the environment between -70℃ - 200℃.

  • The horizontal vertical flame tester is used for testing the combustion of expandable sleeving, corrugated flexible conduits and other products.
  • Our RoHS tester is used for testing the harmful substances contained in the raw materials.

R&D Center
Our R&D center is primarily used for material modification. We can develop new products according to customer needs and market demands, provide solutions and promote new techniques. Jdd has the ability to produce new products in an average of 1 to 2 months, with an R&D speed that is faster than other companies in the same industry.