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When it comes to expandable sleeving and cable wraps, Shenzhen Jdd Tech New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, we are one of the leading manufacturer of cable accessories in Asia, as demonstrated by our turnover of 30% growth each year.

Focused specifically on the protective sleeve field, our mission is provide the best solutions and high quality products for our customers in the electronics, electric power, hydraulic, automotive, railway, telecom, military and aerospace industries. Our skilled R&D team develops products according to customer requirements and market demands.

The production process has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems and ISO/TS16949:2009 for automotive industry standards. Most of our product line complies with UL, RoHS, CSA, Halogen Free and Reach standards to meet European, American and other international customer buying requirements. Some of other products have our products have also passed railway flame retardant standards, including UK BS6853, German DIN 5510, French NF F 16-101 and EN45545.

Our wide selection of ready-to-ship products include following items:
1. Polyester braided expandable sleeving
2. Nylon braided sleeving
3. Cold cut sleeves
4. Self-closing wrap
5. Velcro braided wrap
6. High flame retardant expandable sleeving
7. Flexible corrugated conduit
8. Thin wall heat shrink tube
9. Normal wall heat shrink tube
10. Dual wall adhesive heat shrink tube
11. Nylon Protective sleeve
12. Polyester Textile sleeve
13. Fiberglass sleeving
14. Heat shrinkable braided sleeve
15. Zipper shielding wrap

  • Factory in Shenzhen
  • Factory in Kunshan

Shenzhen’s headquarter factory is extensive, and with a completely production line, has a massive amount of space to produce cable wraps and sleeving quickly and efficiently. Our secondary factory was built in 2014, allowing us to expand our product line to include flexible corrugated conduits, tinned copper EMI shielding mesh, and PVC button wraps. The Kunshan factory, built in 2013 added products to our catalogue as well, including the monofilament and braided expandable sleeving for the automotive industry. The joint venture factory in Dongguan is where we primarily produce the heat shrinkable tubing.

These four locations combined ensure our production capacity, allowing us to meet even large customer orders. In a single month, we can produce up to 10 million meters of different protective sleeves. Customers come to us from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Italy, the UAE and India. Customized products are available as well using our OEM and ODM services. Our customized samples are ready within 3 to 7 days. Due to our excellent quality and outstanding reliability, we have supplied flame retardant, high temperature resistant, and abrasion resistant sleeving to companies such as Siemens and Tyco.

For further peace of mind, Jdd Tech offers a 1 year quality warranty, if you are looking for long term strategic partner, Jdd Tech can be your good choice. If you want one stop service, welcome to.

Shenzhen Jdd Tech New Material Co., Ltd.

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