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Our standard expandable sleeving is made by braiding monofilaments, multifilaments, or a combination of the two. Each sleeve is flexible, abrasion resistant and fire resistant.
Our cable wraps are designed with an open structure, making them easy to use, and are excellent for the protection of optical fiber wiring harnesses, reinstallation, maintenance and complete overhaul. They are known for the high heat dissipate rate, fire resistance, abrasion resistance, and dust resistance.
The main materials that go into our special expandable sleeving include polyester, different fiber materials, metal wire, and nylon, among others. They have an excellent tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, explosion resistant, and reduce noise, and absorb moisture. The expandable cable sleeves are also dust proof, wear resistant, reflect heat, and are strong.
The insulating sleeving and tubing provided by Jdd is made from glass, fiber, polymers, silica gel and other materials. The tubing provides a high level of insulation, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance and environmental protection. The insulating tubing and sleeving is soft.