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Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tube

The Jdd -MCBG thin wall heat shrinkable tube is made from modified polymers and cross linked using an electronic accelerator. This heat shrinkable tube is an ideal solution for insulation, flame retardation, a high flexibility, and a quick shrinking for precision components.

The thin walled heat shrinkable tube is used in electronics, communication and automobiles for connection insulation and rust proof protection on metal products where an ultra-thin wall thickness is required.

Technical data
Material: Polyethylene
Working temperature: -55℃~+125℃
Shrink temperature: Start at 70℃, complete shrink at 110℃
Longitudinal shrinkage: ≤5%
Flammability: VW-1
Shrinkage ratio: 2:1
Color: Black
Tool: Heat gun, Oven
Approval: UL, RoHS, CSA, Halogen free
Remark: The clear color tube operating temperature is 105 ℃


Unit: mm

Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tube MCBG-1.0
Part No. As supplied After recovery Packing (L)
I.D. Average W.T. Max.
Average W.T.
MCBG-1.0 1.5±0.3 0.12±0.05 ≤0.65 0.20±0.10 200m /roll
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