Spiral Wrap

The spiral wrap provides the maximum protection against abrasion, and has a high resistance to ultraviolet weathering in a wide temperature range. It is easily installed without removing connectors or terminals. It also significantly increases the service life and reduces costly repairs and downtime.

The spiral wrap is primarily used for the protection of cables and bundling wires and cables together in excavators, loaders, rollers, forklifts, cranes and other construction and injection molding machines.

Technical data
Material: Modified PP (Polypropylene)
Operating range: -10℃--+105℃
Tensile Strength: 25MPa at normal temperature
Standard color: black
Certificate: RoHS
Other features: impervious to oils, solvents.


Unit: mm

Spiral Wrap MLXG-008
Part No. I.D. Wall Thickness Width (W) Bundle Diameter Range Packing (L)
(T) (t)
MLXG-008 8.0 1.2 0.4 8.0 8.0-11.0 2m

1. The part number will be followed by BK, GR or other letters to indicate the color of the spiral tubing.
2. Special packing, sizes and colors are available upon request.
3. All numerical data shown is of typical values, and does not include customized sizes.

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