PTFE Tubing

The Jdd -MTFL PTFE tubing is extruded using a polymerized PTFE resin with an excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, non-stick characteristics and weather resistance. Our PTFE tubing is available in three styles, including S, T and L shapes with different wall thicknesses and working voltages.

The PTFE tubing is widely used in transformers, medical equipment, vehicles, heat exchangers, pharmaceutical processes and applications in corrosive conditions.

Technical data
Pressure range:-77Kpa~+1.6Mpa
Apparent density: 2.10-2.3 g/cm3
Working temperature: -60℃~+260℃
Tensile strength (Min):18Mpa
Elongation (Min) 230%
Standard color: Transparent
Approval: UL, RoHS
Cutting tool: Scissors


Unit: mm

PTFE Tubing MTFL-030
Part No. l.D. ( l ) S style ( O ) T style
( O )
L style
( O )
Packing (L)
MTFL-030 0.3 0.8 0.7 0.6 305m
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