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Silicone Heat Shrinkable Tube

The Jdd -MGJS silicone heat shrinkable tube is made of silicone rubber, giving the heat shrinkable tube its properties that silicone generally have, including a high and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent weather resistance. It is most often used in cable bundling and insulation.

The Silicone shrinkable tube is used in medical equipment, home appliances, aerospace, military, automobile manufacturing, electronic components, transformers, motors, and cable insulation. Each of these applications is where extreme physical strength and/or resistance to extreme temperatures is needed.

Technical data
Shrink ratio: 1.7:1
Working temperature: -50℃~+200℃
Longitudinal shrinkage: ≤5%
Flammability: VW-1
Color: Grey / black
Approval: RoHS
Tool: Heat-gun, oven


Unit: mm

Silicone Heat Shrinkable Tube MGJS-001
Part No. As supplied (mm) After recovery Packing (L)
I.D. Wall thickness I.D. Wall thickness
MGJS-001 1 0.80±0.15 ≤0.6 1.1±0.15 200M
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