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Nylon Flat Filament Braided Sleeving

The Jdd -PAF nylon flat filament braided sleeving consists of a tough and durable nylon 6.6 flat filament with a durability higher than other plastic sleeving in terms of abrasion resistance, while still retaining its attractive appearance and flexibility. Uniquely shaped monofilament provides a soft and smooth surface that does not snag, even when dragged over a rough surface.

The nylon braided sleeving is widely used in automotive, marine, construction, industrial machinery and heavy equipment industries to protect rubber hoses and cable assemblies.

Technical data
Material: Polyamide 6.6
Working temperature: -60℃~+160℃
Melting point: 256±5℃
Flammability: UL94 V-2
Color: Black
Other feature: UV and chemical resistance
Cutting tool: Hot Knife
Approval: RoHS


Unit: mm

Nylon Flat Filament Braided Sleeving PAF-008
Part No. Nominal size (W) Expandable Range Packing (L)
Min.(I) Max.(O)
PAF-008 8 ± 2 5 12 100 m /spool
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