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Nylon Non-Heat Shrinkable Weave Sleeving

The nylon textile protective sleeve is made out of nylon multifilament. This particular type of tubular sleeve is uniquely designed to protect people, the environment and machinery against hydraulic hose leaks or spills. The tightly woven construction provides an excellent abrasion resistance and a high bursting resistance.

The nylon non-heat shrinking weave sleeving is widely used to protect hydraulic pipes, rubber hoses, plastic pipes, and wire harnesses from damage. It is also used in industrial and construction fields where an outstanding hose protection is needed.

Technical data
Material: Polyamide
Working temperature: -60℃~+125℃
Melting point: 256±5℃
Standard color: Black with white printing(other colors on request)
Cutting tool: Scissor and hot knife
Approval: RoHS, MSHA, ISO 6945


Unit: mm

Nylon Non-Heat Shrinkable Weave Sleeving NSSN-027
Part No. flat width ( W ) I.D. Wall thickness ( T ) Packing (L)
NSSN-027 27 17 1 50m /roll
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