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Cable Wrap

    1. Self-Closing Wrap

      It is light weight, abrasion resistant, and the split open design allows the sleeving to be easily installed on cable harnesses that have been assembled.

    1. Velcro Braided Wrap

      Velcro braided wrap is widely used for the management of A/V cables and power cords in home theaters, computers, TV stands and other common cord applications.


Most of Jdd 's cable wraps are patented products, and are made by braided monofilament and multifilament materials together.

Our cable wraps are designed with an open structure, making them easy to use, and are excellent for the protection of optical fiber wiring harnesses, reinstallation, maintenance and complete overhaul. They are known for the high heat dissipate rate, fire resistance, abrasion resistance, and dust resistance.