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Velcro Braided Wrap

The Jdd -VCW Velcro braided wrap helps keep an environment clean and organized by bundling cords and cables together. It can be easily wrapped and closed over the cables, and re-opening is quick and easy to manage cable addition or removal. Breakouts can be created simply by drawing the cable through the Velcro.

Velcro braided wrap is widely used for the management of A/V cables and power cords in home theaters, computers, TV stands and other common cord applications.

Technical data
Wrap material: Polyester
Velcro material: Polyamide
Working temperature: -50℃~ +150℃
Melting point: 240±10℃
Flammability: VW-1
Color: black, white, grey
Cutting tool: Hot Knife

Velcro Braided Wrap VCW-013
Part No. Nominal size Velcro width Max. bundle dia. Packing ( L)
VCW-013 13mm 10 mm 8 mm 25m / spool

1. The nominal size indicates the flat width. I.D. indicates the round inner diameter.
2. The part number will be followed by BK, WH, GR or other letters to indicate the color.
3. Special packing, sizes, and colors can be supplied upon request.
4. All numerical data is typical values, and does not include customized sizes.

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