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Zipper Shielding Wrap

The Jdd -ZSW zipper shielding wrap is made from a highly flexible tinned copper shielding mesh that uses an internal shield overlap, a grounding strap, and a heavy duty zipper wrap. It not only provides excellent EMI shielding, but also reduces noise, and is a flame retardant, abrasion resistant cable wrap.

The cable wrap is widely used in communication systems, electronic medical equipment and military equipment.

Technical data
Wrap Material: Polyester multifilament
Working temperature: -50℃~+150℃
Melting point: 240±10℃
Color: Black
Approval: RoHS, Halogen Free

Zipper Shielding Wrap ZSW-16
Part No. Nominal size (W) Max. bundle Dia.(I) Packing (L)
ZSW-16 16mm 10-16mm On request
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