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Self-Closing Wrap

Jdd 's SCS self-closing wrap is a non-expandable sleeving woven from monofilament (weft) and multifilament (warp) polyester yarns. It is light weight, cost effective and abrasion resistant, and the split open design allows the sleeving to be easily installed on cable harnesses that have been assembled.

The self-closing wrap is most commonly used on wire harnesses and cable assemblies to provide a tough, durable protection in automotive, telecom, automatic equipment, railway and panel board equipment.

Technical data
Material: Polyester monofilament and multifilament
Operating range: -50 ~+150 °C
Melt point: 240± 10 °C
Flammability: DIN5510, BS6853
Approved: RoHS, Halogen free
Standard colors: Black
Cutting tool: Hot knife

Self-Closing Wrap SCS-005
Part No. Nominal Diameter Max. Bundle Dia. Packing
SCS-005 5.0mm 6.0mm 100m

1. The nominal size indicates the flat width.
2. The part number is always followed by BK, GR or another indicator to indicate the sleeving's color.
3. The sleeving is expandable, so the sizes are estimated. 15mm=16mm, 19mm=20mm, 30mm=32mm, 38mm=40mm, 50mm=51mm.
4. Special packing, sizes and colors can be supplied upon request.
5. All numerical data is typical and does not include customized sizes.

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