Welcome to Shenzhen Jdd Tech New Material Co., Ltd., your one stop source for cable accessories and protective sleevings. With 4 different factories that each produce specialized products, our line of braided expandable sleevings, cable wraps, flexible corrugated conduits, heat shrink tubes are widely received in the automotive electronic electric power high speed railway and other applications. Our large staff and experienced R&D team is continuously creating new and innovative cable accessories to meet diverse customer requirements and market demands. Due to the outstanding quality and durable wear resistance, abrasion resistance, and flame retardant, customers come to us from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, the UAE and Japan. Our OEM and ODM services also allow customers to customize their own protective sleevings to meet diverse application needs. Please contact us today and see why our cable protective sleeving is a leader on today’s market!

    1. Polyester Expandable Sleeving

      Jdd 's polyester expandable sleeving is flame retardant and halogen free. It features a durable abrasion resistance, even in different industrial applications.

    1. Self-Closing Wrap

      It is light weight, abrasion resistant, and the split open design allows the sleeving to be easily installed on cable harnesses that have been assembled.

    1. Velcro Braided Wrap

      Velcro braided wrap is widely used for the management of A/V cables and power cords in home theaters, computers, TV stands and other common cord applications.

    1. Heat Shrinkable Braided Sleeving

      It will shrink when exposed to a heat source, and its unique woven construction makes it extremely flexible and easy to install on hoses with irregular shapes.

    1. Heat Shrink Tubing, Standard Wall

      The heat shrinkable tubing is most often used in electricity, automotive industries for connection insulation and rust prevention of metal products.

    1. Corrugated Flexible Conduit

      The corrugated flexible conduit is used primarily for protecting wires and cable harnesses in the automotive, equipment, and railway industries.

  • Applications
  • Jdd's products include standard expandable sleeving, cable wrap, special expandable sleeving, insulated sleeving and tubing. Our product line is widely found being used in the automotive, high speed rail, electronics, communications, machinery and military industries. We can also supply professional guidance and customized service, to meet different application needs for our customers.

    1. Aerospace
    2. Aerospace
    1. Automotive
    2. Automotive
    1. Railway
    2. Railway
    1. Machinery
    2. Machinery
  • Cases
    1. Jdd provided wear resistant solutions for a hose supplier to Buick cars in 2007, with a stable quality and quick delivery.

    1. Jdd has also offered wire harness abrasion resistant solutions for Canon printers since 2008. Due to our low costs, the sleeving is extremely helpful for lowering their product costs.

    1. We have also provided wire harness electromagnetic shielding solutions for the CRH380 high speed train developed by CRRC since 2012.


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